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What makes successful change is our ability to cope, be resilient and thrive quickly and effectively into our new situation or environment. The higher the stress, complexity or adversity, the more focus is needed on wellbeing, resilience and stress management, not just technical and leadership skills.

Leaders that are masterful in dealing with the complexity and pace of the world are masters of their internal world and how they relate to stress and emotions. Goal attainment becomes easier when the body, mind, emotions and spirit are all working in harmony. Body-Mind coaching, Meditation and Kinesiology quickly allows a client to see what is blocking them, bounce back from challenges or set-backs and embody the change.

We work with organisations and individuals in times of change to lift their performance, get underneath the stress and find freedom in ambiguous and complex situations.

Please see our At Home section if you are looking for private practice health sessions.



Restructures, Mergers, and Career Transition

Wellbeing and leadership support for employees during major change events.

Wellbeing and Career coaching for transition through job displacement.



Parental Leave + Life Integration

Wellbeing coaching for successful maternity, paternity or carer leave and return to work.

Wellbeing for Women programs for life and work balance and life stages



High Performance Individuals + Teams

Wellbeing and Leadership coaching for career promotion and first 100 days.

Wellbeing programs and coaching for strategic project and change teams working with stretch goals or high stress programs of work.

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At Home

Health and Wellbeing Kinesiology for individuals, parents, children, teens.

Private complementary medicine health practice for preventative health, chronic health challenges, stress, anxiety and depression



Other Change?

You tell us any areas of change that we can help guide you, your team or organization with.