Jessica Stratford,
Kinesiologist & Professional Coach, Leadership & Wellbeing Consultant

Jessica Stratford is a kinesiologist and professional coach who uses a mind-body approach to assist clients in the demands of life, business, managing teams and finding balance. 

After building a successful career in strategic change, program management and large scale business transformations, Jessica found herself unfulfilled and unwell. Having lived in Australia, Hong Kong, London, Russia and Romania, living a life of travel and work had become tiring, much to her surprise! A period of personal and then family loss, prompted her to deal with the cracks starting to show in her wellbeing.

An excellent complementary therapist and a good review of how she was experiencing her business and personal life helped get her back on track. Seeing the benefits this could provide, Jessica retrained and has since devoted her time to assisting others with their health, wellbeing and personal leadership.

Melding her experience in leadership and business change and her focus on wellbeing has lead to her work becoming a source of guidance and support to many executives, teams and individuals.

Change of any kind can be a trigger for decreased mental or emotional health at work and home or it can be an opportunity for greater wellbeing, performance and resilience. Jessica assists each individual or team to build the capability needed to be the best version of themselves and move through emerging changes with more ease

Her personal vision is to empower people through change, become mindful leaders, embody wellness and live their greatest potential.


  • Graduate Certificate in Change Management AGSM

  • ICF ACC Accredited Executive Coach (Integral Coaching)

  • Diploma Complementary Medicine - Kinesiology

  • GLWS - Wellbeing assessments for individuals, teams, organisations (2019)

  • i4 Neuroleader assessments and programs (Brain health leadership)

  • Dip Business / Dip Adult Training and Assessment

  • Comprehensive Energy Psychology (EFT energy tapping) Level 1 and 2

  • Experienced meditation and mindfulness practitioner

  • Certificate in Yin Yoga (Teacher Training)


The Change Rooms provides pro-bono services to The Wayside Chapel and gives regularly to Beyond the Orphanage and UNHCR -organisations focused on educating and increasing opportunities for women in developing nations and refugees.