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Jess has introduced a channel for calm and balance into my active life. It is amazing as to how she is able to help uncover, unblock thoughts, feelings or past imprints that you otherwise would have been unaware of – highly recommended.
— IT Executive
Jess, through the use of Kinesiology has helped me to gain insights into my stuck patterns that leads to angst. By identifying the issues to work through I have regained balance and a sense of relief. I now have a better understanding of my triggers and ways to release the tension. I am forever grateful for Jess’s kind, professional and non judgmental approach.
— Senior Change Manager
I had a kinesiology session with Jess in the lead up to a karate competition to help with my mental and psychological preparation. During this one session, Jess was able to get to the bottom of some key issue areas for me and gave me a series of exercises to do in order to deal with these and unblock any mental and energetic obstacles. Actually, after completing these exercises I felt an immediate shift and clarity of thinking and although a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.  

During the competition, I felt really calm and in control and that I was able to give my best possible performance. My mindset and how I was able to manage my nerves was by far the best it has ever been leading up to and while competing. I will definitely be including kinesiology sessions as part of my training and the pre-comp regime in the future and would recommend Jess to other sports people who are looking to gain a mental edge in their chosen sport.
— Women’s Karate World Championship Gold Medalist
Thank you so much for your time and support through this program. I feel like you have gone above and beyond. Not only have you been able to provide effective coaching and guidance, you have helped me to manage difficult situations and grow through them. I can’t thank you enough.
— Manager, Wildlife