Kinesiology is a complementary health modality that uses muscle-testing to identify an imbalance in the body.

This could be a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual challenge.

Kinesiology combines modern health with ancient Chinese and Indian health and spirituality approaches. It looks for the root cause of the disease or distress.

Kinesiology can be used for a huge variety of challenges such as chronic pain, stress, phobias, relationship problems, life change and spiritual concerns. The outcomes from a Kinesiology session are greater awareness & acceptance, reduced pain, feelings of clarity, relaxation and balance.

In a session, muscle-testing is combined with an energy technique such as acupressure, biofield (meridian, chakra) rebalancing, visualisations or other techniques to release the blockage. Once the energy is rebalanced and aligned, healing can take place. 

Kinesiology works with the bio-energy system of the body and when combined with coaching focuses on the mental and emotional aspects of disease. 

Kinesiology can be performed lying down, seated and also remotely.

It is not a diagnosis or replacement for treatment by a medical doctor. 

 Kinesiology - Health and Wellbeing at The Change Rooms



FACETIME or REMOTe healing

First Session (90 mins) $130

Follow-up $90 (50-60 mins)


4 Session package $350

Giving Back

There are sessions available every month for those who would like to see a Kinesiologist but can't currently afford sessions. Contact me