Acupoint tapping is an effective, evidenced-based component of Kinesiology that is used in a seated, coaching environment. 

This makes it perfect for people who would prefer a coaching approach rather than lying down.

Often referred to as “Psychological acupressure”, the technique works by releasing blockages within the energy system which are the source of emotional intensity and discomfort. It involves identifying the issue and working with various statements while tapping on meridian accu-points. These are the same points that an acupuncturist might use with needles however a Kinesiologist will direct you to tap these points with your fingers.

It is now widely accepted that emotional disharmony is a key factor in physical symptoms and disease. For this reason these techniques are being extensively used, and with astounding results, for emotional and physical issues, including chronic illness. 

Accu-point tapping has been used and studied now for many decades and has substantial research. There has been excellent results on anxiety and PTSD with studies on war veterans, survivors of war and environmental damage in various countries.

In a coaching environment, it can be used to identify and release emotional or mental blocks to achieving goals.

 Acupoint coaching with Jessica at The Change Rooms



FACETIME or REMOTe healing

First Session (90 mins) $130

Follow-up (50-60 mins) $90


4 Session package $350

Giving Back

There are sessions available every month for those who would like to see a Kinesiologist but can't currently afford sessions. Contact me for information.