Spring Program - Health and Vitality PACKAGE! 

It's time to get into expansion mode again as we come into the hotter Aussie months.

Unblock stagnant energy and kick-off the season with health and vitality!

Receive a 25% discount for a package of 4 sessions, valid October to December 2017.

Spring / Summer Growth Package /4 Kinesiology sessions - $319

Seasonal challenges that Kinesiology can assist you with:

  • Muscle and Injury Pain
  • Gut imbalances
  • Stagnant energy 
  • Motivation and clarity with a new goal

For more information, email using the form below, phone +61 403481399 or click the Book Now button.

“Tips from a ‘relauncher' returning to work” It’s just another change. Easy!? Or is it?

Fast forward a year later, and I'm standing in the ocean with friend and colleague, mid week on a sunny day. I’ve had  a kale smoothie, walked to school with my son and exercised. All the things I said I desperately wanted to do and had terrible FOMO about when I was a busy executive. I was now at the place I had hoped to be and it was great. Most of the time.