Why we all need support through change. Have we got enough?

Like most of us, my life has been full of change. I consider myself fairly adaptable. Some of it learnt and some of it I think is that I’m naturally that way. I like change. That doesn’t mean it has always been easy.

If you ask anyone who has successfully managed significant change in their life, there’s always a support person or people behind the scenes. There is also focused dedication and ‘luck’. Rarely is the defining factor a system, structure or process even though these things are important. Small individual changes, large organisational or cultural changes rely on a combination of all these things. Where people find meaning and what we remember most is the support of a mentor, a colleague, a partner, a family member or a random stranger. 

I founded The Change Rooms because people need support. The world is pretty hectic. All of us intimately know the impact of rapid changes in business and technology. Outside of all of this, there is a whole life that needs living and managing.

On reflection of my own journey and my corporate life, it was the support I received that made the difference. When I didn’t receive it, the outcomes were less than optimal. We don’t really do things on our own. As a young senior woman in business I lived in five countries, sometimes on my own, travelled on (what felt like) a million planes and progressed through the ranks of a FTSE 5 company. I have some excellent examples of change on all scales, some very stressful, some ridiculous, many rewarding and successful. On returning to Sydney, it was change of a different kind, supporting a family member through illness. It was not a particularly pretty change for me. I found and accepted support in managing this, a little late. Hindsight is always insightful. 

These days, I spend some time with a local Not-for-Profit. What I see there, is the undeniable importance of the support provided to the most disadvantaged in our community. This support is integral in the foundation for positive change. 

Everyone has a moveable feast of change occurring in their life at any one time. The Change Rooms vision is ‘Where everyone is supported through change’. We think it is a lofty vision but one that we believe in. We love providing coaching support to those who want it. We use both traditional and innovative applications of coaching and managing your energy for change.We also believe in mind-body connection. Not because it’s the latest fad, but because it works and has been doing so for thousands of years. Ask any athlete. They know the importance of mind and body alignment on their performance. Our view is that, love it or not, understanding and managing our energy, emotions and our mind will, when integrated in the right way for individuals, be the future of coaching. It will be common practise to balance the increasing pace and change of just living. 

  • Take a review of how well you think you’re coping with the pace of change in your life
  • How effective is the change you implement in your life or work?
  • What’s going on in your thoughts and emotions? 
  • How focused are you in all areas of your life?
  • How is your body integration? Do you have pain in your body?

If your life is not the way you want it, get some support. It’s not a statement of being unable to cope, it’s a pathway to living the way you want in this world. We think it is essential for great personal leadership and happiness.

Are you living the way you want to and do you have enough support?

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