What lies beneath...

Winter is definitely on its way, at least if you’re in the lower half of Australia.

The days are turning colder and nature will start to come to rest. It is a time of little or no growth, a time of waiting and hibernating. We begin to feel the pull inwards, towards the comfort of a warm inner place on cold nights. 

In five element theory, winter is represented by the element of water and the organs, kidneys and bladder. 

The movement of water is downward, as it finds a resting place at the lowest level. The emotion related to the water element is fear. Fear that sits beneath the surface, either too much or a lack of, can unbalance our energy if we are pushing, too much or not enough, through life. 

Both the bladder and kidneys are important organs for filtrating and exiting toxins from the body, keeping the energy moving and flowing. The kidneys are also considered the storehouse of our ‘jing’ the essence that we have available for our body. This makes the kidneys and the adrenal glands (that sit above the kidneys) hugely important in our ability to manage our energy levels, balance and replace our energy stores. 

Most people don’t like to talk about the impact on our bodies from burn-out and addiction or fear and loneliness but winter in the perfect time to tackle these things, to support our energy levels.  Turning inwards and connecting to our natural powerhouse of energy helps us make the most of the colder months, see above the water level and be ready for the uprising of energy in spring. 

This winter, I will be reflecting on what lies beneath the surface. If there’s something I find resting there that is impacting my wellbeing, I’ll be working on it!

If there’s something physically, emotionally or mentally that you’d like to tackle this winter, come and see me at the fabulous Health Nuts in Potts Point.