Winter detox - small change is still change!

What a blessing it was to take some time to do a detox. 

When I used to work in a corporate job, the idea of a detox made me feel ill. I didn’t want to set myself up for failure. In my mind, the stress of the job would lead me back to reaching for chocolates. It was inevitable that while sitting through an uninteresting meeting, I would fail my healthy, liquid only detox. 

Things are different these days, thank goodness. We’ve just completed our winter-warming detox with BodyNatured. It’s my type of detox, it is 12 days and includes real food. There is no starving. This time, we added a mind, emotions, spirit detox for those who wanted a bit of a deeper cleanse! We reviewed the body-mind connection and cleared away unwanted patterns in our life. 

For me this was all great, I look forward to it. I’m a kinesiologist, so you’d expect that :-). No one wants to see a health therapist that isn't healthy themselves. :-)  For a friend of ours (let’s call her Anna) completing the detox, was not so great, But only if you look at it through a narrow lens. 

Anna came into the detox, highly motivated and raring for detoxification. Within a couple of days and a few stressful meetings, Anna was drinking a glass of wine at a business meeting. Not so great on a detox! The mind, emotions, spirit section of the detox, just added to the frustration and brought to the surface issues that Anna wasn’t really interested in changing.  

However, what I noticed during this time, was Anna’s persistence with the parts of the detox she could manage. I’m sure she felt like she’d let herself down, but instead of dwelling on this, she stayed engaged. She continued sticking to the food selection within the detox and preparing the recipes she loved.  

While some of us, might call this a fail, I certainly don’t. Anna still found benefit in the detox and gave her body a break from most toxins. We are humans and sometimes big change doesn’t happen in the timeframe that experts tell you it will. Sometimes it’s about small, no less important steps, that over time add up to big change. This is the second time Anna has completed the detox and each time she’s making changes and working on her health goals. 

Dedication, determination, and self-control are important in reaching any goal but sometimes it’s good to remember that change can take time!

We are humans!