The Change Rooms Kinesiology

Insights and balance

Jess, through the use of Kinesiology has helped me to gain insights into my stuck patterns that leads to angst. By identifying the issues to work through I have regained balance and a sense of relief. I now have a better understanding of my triggers and ways to release the tension. I am forever grateful for Jess's kind, professional and non judgmental approach.

Ananda, June, 2017

The Change Rooms Acupoint Coaching


Thanks Jess for another great session. Been under such significant stress, so great to feel calm and at peace right now.

Highly recommending you to all my friends.

Anne, August 2017

Calm & Balance through Kinesiology at The Change Rooms


Jess has introduced a channel for calm and balance into my active life. It is amazing as to how she is able to help uncover, unblock thoughts, feelings or past imprints that you otherwise would have been unaware of.

Highly recommended.

Fiona, July 2017