What We Do
Wellbeing guided change through professional consulting, mind body coaching and kinesiology.






Services On Offer

See below for detailed information on our areas of expertise.


Restructures, Mergers, and Career Transition

Wellbeing and leadership support for employees during major change events.

Wellbeing and career coaching for transition through job displacement.

why use

  • Merger, restructures or constant change causing your teams to show more stress, be less engaged and less productive

  • You have made some changes that will result in job losses and you want to support those impacted most by the change and empower them to successful change

What’s covered

  • Individualised of team coaching including - 

    • Organisational change assessment or review (if needed)

    • Team and Individual Wellbeing assessment 

    • Stress themes, resilience and leveraging set-backs

    • Understanding personal goals and blocks to change

    • Meaning and purpose through change

    • Meditation and breath-work programs

    • Brain health and positive patterns

    • Relationships and conflict 


    • Discussion and assessment of key changes and impacts

    • Program of group and individual assessments, workshops and coaching

    • Sessions provided for individuals in person or by phone / Skype support



Parental Leave

Wellbeing coaching for successful maternity and paternity, or carer leave and return to work.

Well being Women leaders program for women managing family and work pressures and women leaders going through menopause. 

WHY use

  • Life change can cause complexity and stress. Parents and carers of all kinds need support during change to return to work happy, empowered and productive

  • To support working mothers to find balance and career success

What’s covered

  • Preparation for life change 

  • Wellbeing, health snd stress management for new parents or carers

  • Balance and life goals

  • Mindfulness and meditation for pregnancy and parents 

  • Emotional resilience and confidence

  • Support networks and self care

  • Preparation for successfully reentering work and role 

  • Kinesiology sessions if in person

HOW it works

  • Sessions provided for individuals in person or by phone / Skype support

  • Group workshops

  • Feedback and review of outcomes



High Performance Individuals + Teams

Wellbeing and Leadership coaching for career promotion and first 100 days.

Wellbeing programs and coaching for strategic project and change teams working within defined high-stress programs of work.

why use

  • Ensuring the success of the key promotions

    Manage your high risk change, through managing wellbeing of high stress teams

WHAT covered

  • Individual wellbeing assessment and Individual strengths assessment

  • Reflections and goals for 100 day individual or team change

  • Understanding our personal blocks to change when leading change

  • High performance habits - the brain and body

  • Team stress themes, energy cycles and action planning

  • Emotional resilience, relationships and conflict

  • Mindfulness and meditation sessions or kineesiology for performance and resilience

how it works

  • Team and Individual goals

  • A combination of team assessments, team coaching and individual coaching

  • Assessment of outcomes



At Home

Private consultants in Health and Wellbeing Kinesiology for individuals, parents, children, teens.

Kinesiology is a complementary health modality that uses muscle monitoring to identify a physical, chemical, emotional or spiritual imbalance. It looks for the root cause of imbalance and focuses on natural solutions. Kinesiology draws from the Eastern energy systems of meridians and chakras and Western science. For more information see https://www.aka.asn.au/about-kinesiology

WHY use

  • Stress, anxiety and burnout

  • Not achieving the life and health goals you desire

  • Feeling stuck or distressed

  • Children challenged by stressful exams or relationships

Sessions are used for:

  • Health and Wellbeing goals

  • Stress, anxiety and burn-out

  • Gut problems, insomnia, teeth grinding, headaches

  • Life balance, life and spiritual challenges

  • Teens: exam preparation, stress, friendships and emotions

  • Learning and concentration

  • Physical symptoms that have not healed